The Ordinary Dreamer

The Ordinary DreamerHi! I hope this day finds you in extraordinary shape. 

I am Sue Podpadec an Ordinary Dreamer living an Extraordinary Life. Every day I give thanks for being allowed to Dream and for being able to "Do the Dream"

I have been a dreamer all my life but it took me many years to embrace the true meaning of being a dreamer and a doer. I wasn't always comfortable with own dream.  I guess that's because growing up everyone around me was busy trying to survive and and provide.

My parents worked hard to give my siblings and myself opportunity at what they perceived as the important things in life. Things like a home, good education, stability, values, spritual foundation, love. In retrospect these are mighty important and I will be ever so grateful for the lessons learned and life they gave us.

On the flip side of that coin I was always looking for something more. I didn't fit in the mold of working for some company for 30 or 40 years. I tried. I think the longest employment with any company may have been 5 years. 

From the time I was 15 my dream was to be a business owner. My understanding of "business owner" was truly limited, but over the next 20 years I studied and learned (took a few wrong turns too) but mostly I surrounded myself with people who had pursued their own dream, traveled down the road of prosperity and reached their desired destination.

Finally in 1998 I was able to launch my first "real" business.  I started out with just me and quickly grew to 6 or 7 employees. We were helping people realize their dreams. Providing solutions for people. Coaching people, teaching people about finances,  I loved what I was doing and I was being compensated beyond my initial dreams. 

My Dream had become my Reality. I learned and grew as a business owner and more importantly I grew as a person, My dream began to expand. Changes in this industry took place and I need to make some decisions. Stay or find another industry to build a new dream.  I chose to move on.  I took some time to reflect and evaluate "What" really drove my business. I came to realize "What" my purpose is.

I love success. I love prosperity, yours, mine and everyone else's too. Now I hope you realize that success and propserity is much much more than money. Money is however right up there with oxygen - don't have it, you won't be around long.

There are 4 Pillars of Prosperity and 5 Absolutes for success.  I've been fortunate enought to learn these and live these. If you are looking for more, if you want to be more, if you want to have more and give more, I want to help you. You were born to live your Dream and when you do you will have more, be more and give more. 

It's time for you to get your game on and I want to be your biggest fan.

Reach out to me, subscribe to my newsletter, lets hit home runs together.  My newsletter will come to you once a week and I will give you tips, tools, stories and strategies to insprie and motivate you to take action on your ordinary dream. You too can live an extrordinary life  Oh yea go ahead and subscribe be a part of this community and I'll send you the FREE REPORT:   "The 4 Pillars of Prosperity and the 5 Absolutes of Success"


Here's to Livin' the Dream!

Sister Sue

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