Your own GPS

On this road to an Extraordinary Life you will need to hear and listen to your internal GPS also known as your internal "Guide to Personal Success"

 Every dreamer is on a journey, a road trip if you will. Why do some dreamers choose the road to prosperity and others don't?  I suppose there are a number of explanations as to why so many choose the smooth paved road. 

I'm more interested in exploring the path to prosperity. There are so many dreamers who have followed their own GPS and have gone on to do and to live extraordinary lives. They have discovered the land of prosperity and the good news is is they are your fans. They are cheering for you to choose the road to prosperity.

If you choose to explore the road to prosperity you will need to plug in to your internal GPS. Your internal GPS is your connection to God or your higher spirit. It's the source that gives you your dream, your desires, your purpose. It's that knowing that you were born to do more, to be more, have more and give more.

This Guide does not prevent the speed bumps or accidents or detours that will happen on this road. Instead, along the way you will find other dreamers to help get you back on track.

I need to caution you, you will also encounter dream stealers masquerading as friends, family, neighbors. These dream stealers are not necessarily bad people (there are some of those though) but rather dreamers who allowed their dreams to become "wishes."  It's like a seed that is planted that turns to a flower then dies and turns to dust in the wind. Sound familiar? There is a lot of dust in the wind. 

If you will plug in to your internal GPS reach out to other dreamers who have plugged into their internal GPS and choose to believe in your dream, you will turn your own dream into an extraordinary life.

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Here's to livin' the Dream!


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