The Dream is Good

 The dreamer inside is your spirits' desire to manifest itself in the physical world, to become real, to come alive.    Wow!

Have you dreamed what your life would be like If only.....

If only what?  If you only had more money, if you only had more free time, if you could only make this or that work.

If only you will quit ignoring your your dream or your spirit or that nagging feeling in your gut you can live that extraordinary life that other ordinary dreamers are living.

Far too often people lose sight of their dreams. The real dream. The passion. The purpose. The one where you matter, where you make a difference. The one that brings you great joy. If you've lost sight of your dream you can find it again. Don't be discouraged by the fact that your dream may not be as clear as it once was.  If you want to get clear, If you want to believe that your dream is real, I can help.

There have been many moments in my life when my purpose, my clarity, my vision was so distorted I was ready to give up, to quit dreaming, but I found people to help me believe and I want to help you believe too.  It's time to embrace your dream, it's your responsibility.

There are several exercises I have employed over the years to help me get clear and remain clear on my own dreams. Let's just start with one that has two very important elements to it. I won't go thru all of the abc's here but you are welcome to subsribe to my newsletter and I will send you tips, tools and insight on a weekly basis on how to  create your extraordinary life plus you'll recieve FREE  this report:  5 Absolutes to Creating Your Own Extraodinary Life.

 Take action on this little exercise and get clear on your Dream. 

Grab an empty notebook or at least a pad of paper and your favorite pen. We are gonna write a little bit.  This is about embracing YOUR DREAM. YOU. Not your spouse, or your children, or your parents, or your boss or anybody elses dream.

This is about what you want from and for your life. So Begin writing stop thinking just write:


This, my friend, needs to be a major brain dump. Quit staring at that piece of paper, just write: I want to travel, I want my kids to go to college, I want to quit my job, I want more time with my family, I want to give more to my church or volunteer more or pay off all my debt. What do you want?????????????

Now understand, just because you write all of your "desires" down on paper, this doesn't mean a little genie in a bottle will appear tomorrow and grant you your wishes. That's not how this works.  You do need to know and be clear about what YOU WANT from and for your life.

The second part of this exercise is the "Why".  Why do you want what you want from your life. The reasons why we do something is radically more important than how we do something.  

Why is the "Why" so impotant?  No dream or vision or desire can sustain a euphoric state of mind that comes from knowing what you want for or from your life. It must be backed up with something much deeper something meaningful.  Your "Why" is the anchor of your Dreams. Your "Why" reveals your purpose. People who endeavor to have more, do more and be more do so with a purpose.

This thing called "Why" is an energy force. It's the passion behind your purpose. The passion is the fuel we need to sustain our dream. Without passion behind your dream or your purpose you simply have a wish. Wishes are blown out with every wind that comes along.

You must know your "Why" intimately and pursue it passionately. If you are having trouble or are frustrated at this point, reach out to me. I can help you get clear on your Why. You can reach me by email or phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you dig deep into your spirit you will know your why and you will see your wants come to fruition. This is the magnificent manifestation of pursuing your purpose.  Know your What and your Why the How will be revealed.


Here's to livin' the Dream!


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