Welcome to the Game!

Yep, Life is a game and either you're in it to win it or your sittin' on the sidelines. So it is with the Dreamer, either you're Dreamin' or you're Doin'!

From the time I was very young, I was told I was a dreamer. This was not told to me as though dreaming was a good thing. "Quit dreaming get your work done". "Dreaming will get you nowhere except broke". "That's ridiculous that will never work"  Does any of that sound familiar to you?  Don't worry ordinary dreams can lead to an extraordinary life. It starts with your Attitude!

Now understand, growing up, I was surrounded by good, harding working, God fearing, loving people. They traded their own dreams for  family, security, and society. These are all noble reasons and I will be eternally grateful for every opportunity I've been given at their expense. It makes me sad though as I look back and wonder how different things might have been had there been less settling.

When it comes to grabbing hold of your Dream and deciding to control your future, you need to know this road will be riddled with speed bumps. Overwhelm, fear, confusion, frustration are just a few of the speed bumps we need to get over. On the flip side of this coin are some amazing experiences.   Feelings of joy, accomplishment, satisfaction, and Freedom are just a few.

Make no mistake Financial Freedom and Financial Independence are two of the greatest feelings of accomplishments you will ever encounter.

If you have had the good fortune of being blasted by a "dream stealer" or found yourself in the proverbial NFL Club (no friends left club) as a result of being a dreamer, take refuge here. Prepare yourself for a journey of highs and lows but ultimately a journey of what you can and will call, Sweet Success!

The purpose of this site and the upcoming lessons I want to share with you is to help me help you.  I want you to know and embrace the reality that your dream is important. You have a dream and there is a viable legitimate way for you to create significant changes in your world. Every area of your life can be and will be transformed. You will experience growth from the spiritual realm to the financial realm.             (These are only two areas of your life that will be transformed , we'll talk about all the areas in a later post.)

Success comes to the dreamer willing to dream big, persevere, be coached and work toward their dream. and help others along the way. If you are willing to learn some new rules, develop some new skill, step outside of your comfort zone you will change your world.

This is an opportunity for you. You can turn your ordinary dream into and extrordinary life. The only question is; Are you willing to travel down this road (or any road for that matter) to reach your desired destination? 

Reach out to me, let me help you. Let's determine if my coaching is right for you at this time.

Here's to livin' the Dream!


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